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TitleSincere Department Store
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
LocationShanghai IS
Caption in album or on mountSincere Co., Ltd., at the junction of Nanking and Chekiang Roads.
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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Note(s)To the left, one can see the spire of Sun Sun Company under repair or construction. The Sincere Company building was built in 1917 in Nanjing Road. A three-storied tower installed with a big round clock is mounted on the roof; the decorated rails on the veranda strengthen the classic feature of the building, while lonic orders are erected at entrance. The Sincere Company, anyhow, was founded in 1900 in Hong Kong by Ma Ying-piew and other Australian Chinese originally from Xiangshan County (now Zhongshan City) in Guangdong. The Ma family drew on the profits of the Wing Sang fruit and vegetable company in Sydney. The Sincere Company opened its first department store in Nanjing Road, Shanghai, in 1917. Nowadays it is the Shanghai Garments Company. 首间先施百货开设于中环皇后大道中172号。1912年6月20日在广州长堤318号开设分店(华夏公司)。1917年10月20日在上海南京路630号(浙江路口西北角)开设规模与总店相当的分店(1954年公私合营,今时装公司),在南京路侨资开设的四大公司中最先开设,是一栋今天还在使用的7层大楼,外观处理带有一些巴洛克风味,是南京路的标志性建筑之一.
Keyword(s) [en]building ; store ; department store ; pedestrian
Street nameNanking
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