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ID Name Repository Type 
5French General Consulate of ShanghaiUndefined
129H. C. White CompanyUndefined
2Library of Congress - Map DivisionLibrary
39Harvard Yenching Library (of the Harvard College Library)Library
43Bibliothèque nationale de FranceLibrary
44Shanghai tushuguan 上海圖書館 Shanghai LibraryLibrary
45Earth Sciences and Map Library, University of California, BerkeleyLibrary
56East Asian Library, Stanford UniversityLibrary
58Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections [Branner], Stanford UniversityLibrary
59Hoover InstitutionLibrary
61East Asian Library, University of California, BerkeleyLibrary
65Brigham Young University LibraryLibrary
69British Library - Map DivisionLibrary
80National Diet Library (Japan)Library
83United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO)Library
93Harvard University, Pusey LibraryLibrary
125Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology - Digital CollectionsLibrary
126University of Minnesota LibrariesLibrary
127American Geographical SocietyLibrary
130Foyle Special Collections Library (King's College)Library
143Oeuvres pontificales missionnairesLibrary
146University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Digital collectionsLibrary
147David Rumsey Map CenterLibrary
152Lishi yanjiusuo 歷史研究所 Institute of History (library)Library
155New York Public LibraryLibrary
3Raymond Vibien Family AlbumPrivate collection
10Other private collectionPrivate collection
42Christian HenriotPrivate collection
47Donnelly Family - Collection of A P Banham (grandson)Private collection
48Ravensdale CollectionPrivate collection
49Shanghai Seido Real Estate ConsultingPrivate collection
66Brown UniversityPrivate collection
71The Raymond Forward CollectionPrivate collection
84Private Collection (USA)Private collection
85Bernard J Shapero : GalleryPrivate collection
90Life (Magazine)Private collection
115Famille ChollotPrivate collection
9Institut d'Asie OrientaleResearch Institution
51University of Texas, Austin - Perry-Castañeda Library - Map collection - Historical maps of ChinaResearch Institution
52Osaka City University - Department of geographyResearch Institution
63University of ChicagoResearch Institution
64Virtual Shanghai Map RepositoryResearch Institution
73Getty Research InstituteResearch Institution
76Cornell University - Wason CollectionResearch Institution
77Historische Gesellschaft der Deutschen Bank e. V.Research Institution
78Hoover Institution ArchivesResearch Institution
79Liddell Hart Center for Military Archives, King's College, LondonResearch Institution
81Royal Geographical SocietyResearch Institution
89Virtual Shanghai Internet Picture CollectionResearch Institution
67Chinese Museum, La Trobe UniversityMuseum
72Getty Museum (Los Angeles)Museum
91George Eastman House - Still Photograph ArchiveMuseum
137Peabody Essex Museum (PEM)Museum
142Nationaal Museum van WereldculturenMuseum
4National Archives (United Kingdom)Archive
6Nantes Diplomatic ArchivesArchive
7Shanghai Municipal ArchivesArchive
88Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Paris)Archive
121League of Nations ArchivesArchive
123Archives jésuites de la Province de FranceArchive
65 results (1/2 pages)     12       
filter by Name  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [all] 
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