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NameGeorge Eastman House - Still Photograph Archive
Repository TypeMuseum
DescriptionGeorge Eastman House, an independent nonprofit museum, is an educational institution that tells the story of photography and motion pictures—media that have changed and continue to change our perception of the world. We: George Eastman House George Eastman House 1. Collect and preserve objects that are of significance to photography, motion pictures, and the life of George Eastman. 2. Build information resources to provide the means for both scholarly research and recreational inquiry. 3. Keep and care for images, literature, and technology to tell the story of photography and the motion picture in history and in culture. 4. Care for George Eastman’s house, gardens, and archives, maintaining them for public enjoyment and as a memorial to his contribution to our lives and our times.
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Yard in a temple

People in a public garden

Scene in a public garden

Two women in a public garden

Shoe mender

A Chinese wedding

A funeral procession in Shanghai

Street scene

View of a public garden

Crowd in a temple courtyard

Wooden bridge in the walled city

Portrait of Chen Qimei

View of the Longhua Pagoda

Willow-pattern Tea House in the walled city

Longhua Pagoda

Longhua Pagoda

On the Bund

A corner of Shanghai outside the city wall

People nearby a house

Street scene

Ladies on a wheelbarrow

Rickshaws along a bicycle shop
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