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NameLiddell Hart Center for Military Archives, King's College, London
Repository TypeResearch Institution
Description Founded in 1964 the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives is a leading repository for research into modern defence policy in Britain - its strategy, planning and conduct. The collections are of national and international importance and, in 2005, were awarded Designated Status by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA). Camp at Arundel 1909 (Fuller) On average, 30 new named archival collections are accessioned every year. More recent accessions have reflected the work of the services in the dismantling of the British Empire, as well as the British role in United Nations peacekeeping forces and in the Persian Gulf.
Maps from this Repository (3 results)

The reader's map of the Sino-Japanese conflict in and around Shanghai

Map of war zone in Shanghai and neighbourhood

Map of Shanghai, its environs, Hangchow bay, Yantse Mouth, Tai Hu Lake, Shanghai-Nanking Railway, Shanghai-Hangchow Railway
Images from this Repository (4 results)

Resist Japan and save the nation 抗日救國 (poster)

Resist Japan and save the nation 抗日救國 (poster)

Resist Japan and save the nation 抗日救國 (poster)

Resist Japan and save the nation 抗日救國 (poster)
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36/65 results        
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