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NameDonnelly Family - Collection of A P Banham (grandson)
Repository TypePrivate collection
DescriptionPhotographs taken mostly by Ivon Arthur Donnelly in Shanghai and along the Yangzi River in the 1908-1913 period. Ivon Arthur Donnelly was born in 1890. He is well known for his works on Chinese junks: 1. Chinese junks and other native craft, by Ivon A. Donnelly. [Shanghai, China] Kelly & Walsh [1925] 6 p. l., 3-142 p. incl. col. mounted front., illus., plates (part col. mounted) 27 cm. 2. Chinese junks, a book of drawings in black & white, [Shanghai] Kelly and Walsh limited [pref., 1920] 28 numb. l., 1 l. incl. 1 illus., 25 mounted pl. 22 cm.
Images from this Repository (47 results)

Frederick Jones riding on a sedan chair

Procession on Coronation of King George V

Procession on Coronation of King George V - Audience

Military Officers at King George V Coronation Parade

King George V Coronation Celebration at the British Consulate

Westerners at Battery Creek

Boat ride on Battery Creek

Along Battery Creek

Horse Cart

Women at Jessfield (west of Shanghai)

Boat ride at Jessfield (west of Shanghai)

Boat ride on Battery Creek 2

On top of the ladder (SVC firemen)

Shanghai Volunteer Firemen

Fushun (riverboat)

Fire Practice by Shanghai Volunteer Firemen

Shanghai Volunteer Corps Fire engine

Annual inspection: Shanghai Volunteer Corps Company

Flooded street

Flooded street

Flooded street

Flooded street

Flooded street

Flooded street

French barricades

Group of foreign ladies on Chinese wheelbarrows

Shanghai Volunteer Corps Firemen on Nanking Road

Ivon Arthur Donnelly as SVC fireman

Funeral procession in Tianjin

Shanghai Volunteer Corps Cyclists

On the road to Longhua

Firemen ladder truck on Nanking Road

Shanghai Volunterr Corps Firemen

Flooded street

Soldiers at the West gate of the Jiangnan Arsenal

Street scene: ceremony

S.S. Loogmons


Visit along Soochow Creek

Bomb explosion on the Huangpu River

British troops guarding the Garden Bridge

View of the Garden Bridge and Bund (from Broadway Mansions)

Haig Court

Haig Court garden

Imperial Chemical Industries Building

Passengers and passers-by on a Shanghai wharf

Soochow Creek trip
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