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NameCornell University - Wason Collection
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DescriptionSTARTED OFFICIALLY IN 1918 with a donation of around 9,500 books, 1600 pamphlets and 550 manuscripts, the Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia is among the top East Asian library collections in the country. Originally named the Charles W. Wason Library on China and the Chinese, the backbone of the collection began as the private library of the late Charles W. Wason (Cornell class of 1876), a railroad magnate based in Cleveland. Over the years, the Wason Collection, now consisting of over 550,000 items in many formats, has expanded its focus to include materials from Japan, Tibet, Manchuria and Korea, offering superb and often unique resources for research and teaching. The China collection is the historical foundation of the Wason Collection. It is the oldest and largest component, comprising over 330,000 items. Of particular interest are the highly regarded European-language materials on China, including 17th-century travelogues and maps, 18th-century ship logs of merchant vessels plying the oriental seas, 19th-century mission papers and photograph albums, and a huge array of recent publications on China by public and private publishers. Among the many important English-language materials are the manuscripts of Lord Macartney, British Ambassador to the Imperial Court in the 1790's. Balancing these rich western holdings are Chinese-language materials which include a multitude of primary sources, such as a complete reprint of the Ming dynasty imperial archives; local routebooks and gazetteers; ancient and modern military treatises; extensive archaeological reports of excavations along the fabled Silk Road; and every conceivable type of publication on popular Chinese culture.
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A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai
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View of the Bund in the 1840s
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