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NameShanghai Municipal Archives
Repository TypeArchive
DescriptionThis is the main repository for archives in Shanghai. It is a modern facility located on the Bund. It holds almost all the archives of the previous foreign settlements, as well as those of the republican-era municipalities. The SMA also holds rich collections of archives of private companies and organizations. It is one of the most advanced and open archival repository in China.
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Ground plan of the Foreign Settlement at Shanghai - North of the Yang Kang Pang Canal

Public Garden

Chinese Garden

Public Garden

Electric installation of Koukaza Park

Extension of Koukaza Park

French Concession Parks



Shantung Road Cemetery

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Soldiers' Cemetery

Soldiers' Cemetery

Public Garden

People's Park and Nanjing Road looking East

opening of Quinsan square children's garden

Public Garden Music Kiosk

Firemen in Koukaza Park (1)

Firemen in Koukaza Park (2)

Music Kiosk in Jessfield Park

Firemen in Koukaza Park (3)

View of a coffin boat

Inside a mourning hall (靈堂)

Charity cemetery Hongqiao

Close up view of cremation

Charity cemetery Hongqiao

Charity cemetery Hongqiao

Preparation of a pyre for the cremation of coffins

PSSZ coolies encoffin the body of a poor at home

Funeral awning (Fu Xiao'an 傅筱庵)

Entrance to a mourning hall (靈堂)

The grieving family of Fu Xiao'an (傅筱庵)

Funeral awning (Fu Xiao'an 傅筱庵)
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