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NameChinese Museum, La Trobe University
Repository TypeMuseum
DescriptionThe Chinese Museum A living part of Melbourne's modern Chinatown, the Chinese Museum was brought into being in 1985 to document, preserve and display the history of Australians of Chinese descent. An exciting range of changing exhibitions, heritage tours and public seminars are some of the ways by which the Museum shares the past, culture, and values of Australia's Chinese community. Artefacts dug from the Victorian goldfields, carpenters' tools from industrious furniture makers, and images of the debutante balls of the 1930's Young Chinese League, evoke some of the richness of the Chinese contribution to Australia's history. The Museum is also home to Dai Loong and the Millennium Dragon, the largest Chinese dragon in the world. The Museum is a popular and important educative resource visited by over 20,000 school children per annum who learn about multiculturalism, local and Australian history, Chinese arts and crafts, language, literature, dance and traditional festivals and customs.
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Shanghai Club (1886)

View of the Bund, with the Hongkong and Shanghai bank and Chartered Mercantile bank

Grass preserves on the Bund (1886)

Buildings along the Bund (1886)

Shanghai Club on the Bund

View of the Bund next to jardine, Matheson & Co.

Central Hotel and Sassoon Building on the Bund

Central Hotel

Customs House

Hongkong & Shanghai Bank

Bund and Hongkong & Shanghai Bank

Masonic Hall (left) and Pustau & Co. (right) on the Bund.

Masonic Hall (left) and Pustau & Co. (right) on the Bund.

Siemssen Building

Siemssen Building

Russell & Co. Building

Shanghai Club
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