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28Plan of Shanghai 19191919

29Shanghai postal map1921

31China East coast: City of Shanghai1944

33Plan of Shanghai1928

39Shanghai Harbour1942

43Plan of the western district - Foreign settlement of Shanghai 1925 - shewing new roads and widening1925

62Cadastral plan of the English settlement, Shanghai 18901890

67Shanghai & Neighbourhood1909

75[Concession française de Shanghai]1898c. 1898

76Plan of Shanghai published under the authority of the Municipal Council1904

80Shanghai and Hangchow1927

82Downtown Shanghai1980

84Shanghai area1972

85Plan of Shanghai - based on a 1935 map - motor roads are indicated.1944

99Plan cadastral [Shanghai]1941


135A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai.1904

136Shanghai catholique1933

137Carte de Pou-tong destinée à accompagner les relations des missionaires1886

138Plan de la concession française à Shanghai. 18821883

139Map showing Japanese-Chinese warfare now in Shanghai1932

141Projet de tramways pour la Concession Française de Shanghai, Chine. Plan du réseau (Concession et abords).1903

142Plan de la concession française et de son agrandissement (Shanghai).1900

152Plan of Shanghai & Environs1940

155Street plan of the English, French and American Settlements, Shanghai.1870c. 1870

171Shanghai Harbour - Berthing arrangement1948

179Street plan of the English, French and American settlement1870c. 1870

191[Shanghai in 1920] (no originial title)1920

192[Central district - International Settlement] (no original title)19--

193Map of downtown Shanghai1945

194Shang-hai and environs1912

195Outline of the foreign settlements at Shanghai1907

199Aerial view of Shanghai in 1939 (no original title)1939

208[Untitled] Shanghai1929

225Shanghai (in Russian)1973


230Shanghai tramways1939

231Shanghai Municipal Police map: Hongkew District1934
232Map of Shanghai : Supplement to "City directory of Shanghai"1932?

233General map showing the district around and the approaches to Shanghai1920
234Map of Shanghai1913

243Plan cadastral, blocs 1 à 2701931

247Map of Shanghai1930-1939

255New Map of Shanghai1945

271Street Plan of the Northern & Eastern Districts of the Foreign Settlement at Shanghai1926

272Street Plan of the Foreign Settlement (Central District) & French Settlement at Shanghai1926

326The New Map of Shanghai City1919

333Chang-hai et environs1902

335Chang-hai et Zi-Ka-Wei [Shanghai et Zicawei]1901

342A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai1900

343Plan of the English Settlement at Shanghae18661864-1866

345City and Environs of Shanghai1862

356A view of the walled city of Shanghai (Ming period)


407第三號圖面 - 越界道路と其の圍繞區域を示すもの1931

594Public Garden1909

596Chinese Garden

597Public Garden1936

598Electric installation of Koukaza Park1939
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