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Full referenceWang Ermin 王爾敏, "'Dianshizhai huabao' suo zhanxian zhi jindai lishi mailuo" “點石齊畫報” 所展現之近代歷史脈絡 (2003)
TypeBook chapter
Author(s)Wang Ermin 王爾敏
Title"'Dianshizhai huabao' suo zhanxian zhi jindai lishi mailuo" “點石齊畫報” 所展現之近代歷史脈絡
Place of publicationTaipei 臺北
EditorsHuang Ko-wu 黄克武
Title of bookHua zhong you hua. Jindai zhongguo de shijue biaoshu yu wenhuagoutu 畫中有話。 近代中國的視覺錶述與文化構圖 (When images speak. Visual representations and cultural mapping in modern China)
PublisherAcademia Sinica, Institute of Modern History
Start page1
End page25
Keywordsculture; press; visual
1/884 results        
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