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Full referenceMacPherson, Kerrie L, "Designing China's Urban Future: the Greater Shanghai Plan, 1927-1937" (1990)
TypeJournal article
Author(s)MacPherson, Kerrie L
Title"Designing China's Urban Future: the Greater Shanghai Plan, 1927-1937"
JournalPlanning Perspectives
Start page39
End page62
AbstractPromulgated simultaneously with the creation of China's first municipal law, the Greater Shanghai Plan was the result of the work of the City Planning Commission with the assistance of foreign technical consultants. Pragmatic in its objective of developing the various areas comprising the infrastructure of greater Shanghai, and as an adjunct to the new port facilities and the construction of the monumental Civic Center, the plan's political aim was to unite all the areas of Shanghai into one unified administrative whole, encompassing and eventually absorbing the foreign settlements. Although destined to be a practical or nominal failure in its original form because of civil unrest and war, the plan places the city more accurately within China's substantial range of urban experience and provides fresh perspectives on the international ramifications of planning incentives and processes.
34/883 results        
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