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Full referenceChen,
TypeJournal article
Author(s)Chen, Zhangguo 陈章国
Title"Guanyu jiu shanghai zhongwai luming yanjiu de zai shangque 于旧上海中外路名研究的再商榷——答《旧上海中外路名研究辨正之辨正》 (A Study on the Chinese and Romanized Street Names of Old Shanghai)
Journal Hangzhou shifan xueyuan xuebao 杭州师范学院学报(社会科学版) (Journal of Hangzhou Teachers College)
Start page105
End page108
Keywordsurban; space; street
AbstractApart from an appropriate reply to the questions raised by the author of "Jiu shanghai luming yanjiu bianzheng zhi bianzheng" (Recorrection of the Errors Corrected in the Study of Street Names of Old Shanghai), this paper insists that, in the study of street names, just like that of any other part of history, it is harmful to employ the deductive method or to echo the views of others, and by producing part of the original bilingual booklet of the street names of old Shanghai, further stresses that the historical facts are the sole believable evidence. 针对《旧上海路名研究辨正之辨正》一文作者所提出的商榷意见给予适当回答,同时指出研究路名一如研究历史的其他方面,最忌推断演绎和猜测,路名研究亦应有实事求是的科学态度。
47/883 results        
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