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TitleCaptions and number of the buildings on the Bund
AuthorsChristian Henriot
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1    British Consulate
2a    Pustau & Co.
2b    Yokohama Specie Bank
2c    Japan Mail Steamship Co.  日本邮船株式会社
3a    Masonic Hall
3b    Unidentified building that replaces the Masonic Hall
4a    Bank of Hindustan
4b    Comptoir d’Escompte de Paris
4c    Banque d’Indochine (1911-1914)
5a    Siemssen & Co.
5b    Glen Line Steamship Company new: 1922)
5c    P. & O. Banking Corporation 大英银行 (same building  as Glen Line)
6    Jardine, Matheson & Co.
7a    Blenkin, Rawson & Co.
7b    Blenkin, Rawson & Co.
7c    Pacific & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. and Sassoon & Co.
7d    Pacific & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. and Sassoon & Co.
7f    Chartered Bank of India Australia and China
7g    Yangtsze Insurance Co.
7h    Building of the Chartered Bank (tenant unknown 1892-1904)
8a    Gibb, Livingston & Co.
8b    Yokohama Specie Bank
8c    Concordia Club
9a    Holliday, Wise & Co.
9b    Holliday, Wise & Co.
9d    Augustine Heard & Co warehouse
9c    Augustine Heard & Co
9e    IE.D. Sassoon & Co.
9f    IE.D. Sassoon & Co.
9g    Sassoon House (1927-29)
10a    Wolcott, Bates & Co.
10b    Thomas Hunt & Co.
10c    Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank
10d    Central Hotel
10e    Palace Hotel (ex-Central H.)
11    Dirom, Gray & Co.
11a    Oriental Bank
11c    Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China
12a    Shaw, Ripley & Co. warehouse
12b    Shaw, Ripley & Co.
12c    North China Herald & North China Daily News
12d    China Mutual Steam Navigation Co.
12e    Telge & Schroeter
12f    Bank of Taiwan (est. 1899)
13a    Dent & Co.
13b    Dent & Co. yard
13c    Dent & Co.
13d    Deutsch-Asiatische Bank (est. 1890)
13e    Russo-Chinese Bank 中俄道胜银行
13f    Unidentified Bund building
14    Customs House
15a    Turner & Co.
15c    Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank (new location)
15d    Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank (new building
16a    Smith Kennedy & Co.
16b    Unidentified Bund building
16c    Kelly & Walsh Bookstore
16d    Unidentified Bund building
16e    Unidentified Bund building
17a    Russell & Co. (lot 1)
17b    Russell & Co. (lot 2)
17c    Russel warehouse
17d    China Merchants Navigation Co. (owned by – 1916-20)
17e    Great Northern Telegraph (originally owned by China Merchants Navigation Co.)
17f    Imperial Bank of China, then Commercial Bank of China (building originally owned by China Merchants Navigation Co.)
17g    William Munts Co.
17h    Shanghai Volunteers Corps 萬國商團
18a    Wheelock & Co.
18b    OSK Lines (Japanese shipper)
18c    Nishin Kisen Kaisha (Japan-China Steamship Co.) 日清汽船會社
19a    Adamson & Co.
19b    G.B. Dodwell & Co.
19c    Northern Pacific S.S. Co.
19d    Union Building
20    Shanghai Club
21a    H. Fogg & Co. warehouse
21b    H. Fogg & Co.
21c    Fogg's office buildings
21d    Fogg's office buildings
21e    McBain Building
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