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Reference ID Name Type 
1Shanghai Municipal CouncilUndefined
2China Foreign Publishing Co. Hong Kong Ltd.Undefined
3Dadong shuju 大同書局Undefined
4Ditu chubanshe 地图出版社Undefined
5Kelly & WalshUndefined
6Nihondo shotenUndefined
7North-China Daily News & HeraldUndefined
9Sanbo honbu rikuchi sokuryo buUndefined
10Shanghai ditu chubanshe 上海地圖出版社Undefined
11Shanghai kexue jishu wenxian chubanshe 上海科學技術文獻出版社Undefined
12Shanghai renmin chubanshe 上海人民出版社Undefined
13Shanghai shangwu yinshuguan 上海商務印書館Undefined
14Shanghai yuandong chubanshe 上海遠東出版社Undefined
15Shanghaishi tudiju 上海市土地局Undefined
16Shanhai nihondo shotenUndefined
17Shiseido shotenUndefined
18Xi’an ditu chubanshe 西安地圖出版社Undefined
19Xi’an shi dizhi chubanshe 西安市地質出版社Undefined
20Zhonghua ditu xueshe chubanshe 中華地圖學社出版社Undefined
22Zhongguo huabao chubansheUndefined
23Peiyang Press, Ltd.Undefined
25Zhongguo ditu chubansheUndefined
26Yaguan yu dixue sheUndefined
27Shanghai shi cehuiyuan 上海市測繪院Undefined
28Wuhan cehui keji daxue chubansheUndefined
29Imprimerie de T'OU-SÉ-WÉUndefined
32Shenxin dixueshe 申新輿學社Undefined
33Zhongguo chengshi zhitu chubanshe 中國城市製圖社出版Undefined
36Yimin yutu chubanshe 益民輿圖出版社Undefined
37Edward StanfordUndefined
39Shanghai liangyou tushu yinshua gongsi 上海良友圖書印刷公司Undefined
40East Asia Geographical InstituteResearch Institution
41Shōsuido Shōten 松翠堂書店Undefined
42John BartholomewUndefined
43Rixin yudi xueshe - 日新輿地學社Undefined
45Underwood & UnderwoodUndefined
46Zhonghua shuju 中華書局Undefined
47Nissen, Parker & Arnold, LithographersUndefined
48Presse OrientaleUndefined
49Zhongguo shidi tubiao bianzuanshe 中国史地图表编纂社Undefined
50Atorasu sha ァトラス社Undefined
51Huanqiu yudi xuehui 環球輿地學會Undefined
52Yaguang yudi xheshe 亞光輿地學社Undefined
53Dongya chubanshe 東亞出版社 (上海)Undefined
54Shanghai kexue jishu chubanshe 上海科學技術出版社Undefined
55Underrwood & Underwood PublishersUndefined
56Kusaka 日下和乐路屋Undefined
57Daiichi Shobō 第一書房Undefined
59Waterlow and Sons LimitedUndefined
60Millington LimitedUndefined
61Xin zhongyudi xueshe 新中輿地學社Undefined
62Zui xin dixueshe 最新地學社Undefined
64Topographical Department, War DepartmentResearch Institution
65Ordnance SurveyUndefined
66Shanghai kexue puji chubanshe 上海科学普及出版社Undefined
67Underwood & Underwood PublishersUndefined
68John MurrayUndefined
69Hydrographic Office of the AdmiraltyUndefined
70Beping xidan pailou chinan jianshe tushuguan 北平西單牌樓馶南建設圖書館Undefined
71Atlas Society アトラス社Undefined
65 results (1/2 pages)     12       
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