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9Sanbo honbu rikuchi sokuryo buUndefined
10Shanghai ditu chubanshe 上海地圖出版社Undefined
54Shanghai kexue jishu chubanshe 上海科學技術出版社Undefined
11Shanghai kexue jishu wenxian chubanshe 上海科學技術文獻出版社Undefined
66Shanghai kexue puji chubanshe 上海科学普及出版社Undefined
39Shanghai liangyou tushu yinshua gongsi 上海良友圖書印刷公司Undefined
1Shanghai Municipal CouncilUndefined
12Shanghai renmin chubanshe 上海人民出版社Undefined
13Shanghai shangwu yinshuguan 上海商務印書館Undefined
27Shanghai shi cehuiyuan 上海市測繪院Undefined
14Shanghai yuandong chubanshe 上海遠東出版社Undefined
15Shanghaishi tudiju 上海市土地局Undefined
73Shangwu yinshuguan 商務印書館Undefined
16Shanhai nihondo shotenUndefined
32Shenxin dixueshe 申新輿學社Undefined
17Shiseido shotenUndefined
41Shōsuido Shōten 松翠堂書店Undefined
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