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Full referenceMa, Changyi; Huang, Yingzhe, transl., "Jieshao riben aizhi daxue suo cang zhongguo jindaishi
TypeJournal article
Author(s)Ma, Changyi; Huang, Yingzhe, transl.
Title"Jieshao riben aizhi daxue suo cang zhongguo jindaishi guanxi ziliao: kazuyama bunko yu yamada yoshimasa, junsaburo dang'an" [An introduction to materials related to modern Chinese history held in Aichi University, Japan: the Kazuyama Archive and the Yamada Yoshimasa and Yamada Junsaburo documents]
JournalJindai Zhongguo Shi Yanjiu Tongxun (Newsletter for Modern Chinese History)
Start page139
End page143
Keywordseducation; sources
AbstractA brief history of Aichi University, established in Toyohashi, Japan, in 1946, the antecedent of which was the East Asia One-Language Academy University, Shanghai (Toa Dobun Shoin Daigaku, 1901-45), with a description of the large holdings of Chinese source materials from the late Qing to the republican period in the university's Kazuyama Archive collections, with emphasis on the papers of Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) and associates Yamada Yoshimasa and Yamada Junsaburo, given to the university by the Yamada family in 1993.
57/883 results        
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