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Full referenceFei, Yao, "A Study of Daily Life in Shanghai during the Isolated Island Period" (2014)
TypeJournal article
Author(s)Fei, Yao
Title"A Study of Daily Life in Shanghai during the Isolated Island Period"
JournalChinese Studies in History
Start page29
End page52
Keywordswar; civilian:military; Sino-Japanese War; armed forces; government
AbstractThe study of urban history easily overlooks the profound connection between space and a city's operations and daily life. This article outlines daily life in Shanghai between the August 13 Incident of 1937 and the outbreak of the Pacific War in late 1941, known as the Isolated Island Period, and explores how the spatial concept of an "isolated island" affected how refugees entered and exited the foreign settlements, the distribution of space for refugee camps, and the daily life of residents in the foreign concessions. This article argues that this was not merely a state of war: the spatial distribution of an "isolated island" also influenced the channels by which refugees in the peripheral areas entered and exited Shanghai and the way of life of Shanghai residents. Daily life in a time of crisis reinforced the Shanghai residents' sense of being an "isolated island," and the social atmosphere of an "isolated island" created a unique wartime experience for Shanghai residents.
14/883 results        
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