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Full referenceChen, Lilin 陈昱霖 , "'Shebao' guanggao zhong shiye de wan qing shqnghqi shehui" 《申报》广告视野中的晚清上海社会 (Shanghai Society in the Late Qing through Shenbao Advertisements)
Author(s)Chen, Lilin 陈昱霖
Title"'Shebao' guanggao zhong shiye de wan qing shqnghqi shehui" 《申报》广告视野中的晚清上海社会 (Shanghai Society in the Late Qing through Shenbao Advertisements)
UniversitySuzhou daxue 苏州大学
Keywordsculture; press; newspaper; social; pdf
Abstract《申报》是近代中国出版时间最长、影响最大的一份报纸。作为一份商业性报纸,它从创刊之始就非常注重广告的经营运作,所刊的广告始终占据着一席之地。《申报》广告的诉求对象多层次化、内容多元化,涉及政治、经济、文化、社会各个领域,这些广告敏锐地体现着当时特定历史文化背景中上海人的社会文化心理。它们所传播的信息、所宣传的观念,推动着当时社会的剧变,对近代上海中西文化的交流、社会风气的形成曾经发挥过不可小视的作用。从《申报》广告的发展变化中,可以看到晚清上海社会生活对西方文明的认识、接纳大致经历了一个“物质——制度——习俗——价值观念”的轨迹。同时,处于近代上海转型期中的《申报》广告亦有诸多失范之处。作为社会变迁的晴雨表,广告失范实质上是社会失范的缩影,而社会失范的后果就是社会问题的出现。《申报》广告中体现出的“消费异化”这一社会问题主要表现在:崇洋风气的弥漫、社会消费的早熟化与恶习型消费。对此,地方政府与民间士绅也曾采取诸多社会控制手段,努力重建传统的社会秩序,然而历史证明,对于处于近代中西文化冲突中的上海社会,这些社会控制注定无法达到预期的效果。 Shenbao had the longest publishing time and the greatest influence in modern times of China. As a commercial newspaper, it has been paying attention to the operation of advertisements since its foundation and advertisements always play an important role in it. Advertisements in Shenbao had multileveled receivers and a multiplex contents dealing with many fields just like politics, economy, culture, society and so on. These advertisements penetratingly embodied social and cultural psychology of Shanghai citizens in the special historical and cultural background at that time. Information the advertisements transmitted and ideas they propagandized impelled the great changes of the society and considerably affected the culture communication between China and western countries in modern history and the formation of social ethos. Seen from the development of advertisements in Shenbao, the understanding and acceptation to the western culture in the late Qing Dynasty by Shanghai society mainly... 更多 experienced a material-regulation-custom-values orbit. At the same time, in the social transformation period of modern Shanghai history ,the advertisements of Shenbao also had some non -norms. As the weatherglass of social transformation, the essence of non - norms in advertisements was the production of an out-of-control society and the consequence of an out-of-control society was the appearance of the social problems. The social problem of "consumption dissimulation" in advertisements in Shenbao mainly represented the permeation of worshiping everything abroad, premature social consumption and bad habit of consumption. Therefore, local governments and civilian gentlemen had also adopted many social control means to rebuild traditional social orders. However it proved that these control means were doomed not to reach the anticipated effect for society of Shanghai locating in the culture conflict between China and western countries in modern times.
4/883 results        
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