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TitleDian shi zhai hua bao 點石齋畫報 [Part II]
Book ID1412
Publisher[Dian shi zhai]
Place of publication[Shanghai 上海]
Publication typePrint

The Dianshizhai huabao 點石齋畫報 "Illustrated Lithographer" was an illustrated magazine that achieved great attention in the late 19th century because it was produced on a lithographic basis, which made it possible to reach a large public. The name is derived from a building within the complex of the Shenbao Publishing House 申報館 in Shanghai where lithographic prints could be produced. Publisher of the "Illustrated Lithographer" was the British Ernest Major (1841-1908, Chinese name Meicha 美查) who also published the famous newpaper Shenbao 申報 "Shanghai News". The first issue of the Dianshizhai huabao was published on May 8, 1884 in Shanghai, the last issue came out in 1898. There were in total 528 issues (according to a lower estimation, 473 issues) including more than 4,600 illustrations. The magazine appeared on a ten-day basis (xunkan 旬刊). Each issue had the same format containing eight pages with 8 illustrations. Collectors could then assemble each issue in a traditional thread-bound booklet. The issues were numbered according to the Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, musical notes and the so-called Six Arts. It was sold separately or was given as a free supplement to subscribers of the newspaper Shenbao. [Source:]


This collection of originals of the Dianshizhai huabao is composed of several volumes representing altogether more than 3,200 pages. The originals are held by the Bavarian State Library which produced the digital copy made available here. A digital version is also available for reading on line on the web site of the Bavarian State Library (see link below)

Keywords (en)China; Shanghai; newspaper; media; drawing; report; Shen bao; Shenbao
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