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TitleShanghai Municipal Council censuses, 1865-1942
Short titleSMC Censuses
Book ID1354
PublisherShanghai Municipal Council
Publication typePrint

Photocopies of published census results for all but two censuses held by the SMC between 1865 and 1942. The exceptions are 1870, and 1890, but the core data for those years was published for comparative purposes in 1876 and 1895. These are scans of medium-quality working photocopies of originals from the SMC Annual Reports, SMC Municipal Gazette, or pamphlets. Book marks in the PDF will guide you to each invdidual census. Although these are International Settlement surveys, they also often contain data for comparative purposes from the French concession, and surrounding Chinese administered suburbs. No census was held in 1940.

Keywords (en)population; census; International Settlement; French concession;
Place of eventShanghai
Historical period1860s-1940s
is a fulltextNo
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SMC Censuses 1865_1942.pdf (7.12 Mo)

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141/439 results        
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