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TitleThe minutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council - 1887-1889
Book ID1218
Author(s)Shanghai Municipal Council
Number of volume28
PublisherShanghai guji chubanshe 上海古籍储版社
Place of publicationShanghai 上海
Publication typePrint

The minutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council offer a detailed view of the internal management of municipal affairs in the International Settlement of Shanghai from 1854 to 1943.


The 28 volumes of this collection were prepared on the basis of the documents held in the Shanghai Municipal Archives. They represent the full run of the minutes held by the Shanghai Municipal Council from its beginning in 1854 to its demise in 1943. They do not include the minutes, if they were preserved, of its predecssor, namely the Committee on Roads and Jetties. For most of the period, the minutes were hand-written. Yet from 1906 onward (vol. 16), the use of type-writer was introduced. The quality of the type-written text is fairly low, but neverthless it was processed through OCR to produce a full-text searchable document for the 1906-1943 period (vols. 16-28).

The digitizing of this set of The Compte rendu de la gestion was made possible through a joint project between the Institut d'Asie Orientale and the Institute of History (历史研究所) of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (上海社会科学院). The Institute of History generously made available its collection of Compte rendu de la gestion to share with the worldwide community of scholars.

Keywords (en)minutes; municipality; International Settlement; Shanghai Municipal Council; administration; municipal council; police; public works; public health; finance; tax; social services; education
Keywords (fr)minutes;procès-verbal; municipalité; Concession internationale;administration;conseil municipal; police; travaux publics; santé publique;finances;impôt;services sociaux;éducation;école
Place of eventShanghai
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