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Original titleRussian Jewish Families in Shanghai (1943)
Document ID554
TransliterationRussian Jewish Families in Shanghai (1943)
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
Digitized fileYes
Map typeeAtlas
Author(s)Christian Henriot
Cartographer(s)Isabelle Durand
Map supportDigital
CommentsThis map is based on a survey of Russian Jewish families in 1943. The original document is located in the archives at NARA [RG263 SMP U239 1943], although we used the copy available at the Hoover Archives in the collections of the Sino-Judaic Institute. The document is cryptically entitled "List of Jewish families to be visited". Except for three names, however, the list includes only Russian names. The document lists 395 families with no other indications than their address in Shanghai. The distribution of this community reflects in broad terms the distribution of Russian émigrés in the city, with a higher concentration in the French Concession. This pattern is repeated in the distribution of Russian businesses (see Map ID 555 for 1936). Mostly, Jewish Russians had their residence in Western Shanghai in the most residential areas. There is a substantial string of residences along the major arteries like Bubbling Well Road [Nanjing xilu] in the International Settlement and Avenue Joffre [Huaihai zhonglu] in the French Concession. One can also observe a secondary high-density area in the Central district of the International Settlement along the Bund, though the majority lived on Szechuen Road [Sichuan zhonglu]. In the absence of further data, it is not possible to explain the presence of this group in the Bund area. Further readings: Ristaino, Marcia R., Port of Last Resort: the Diaspora Communities of Shanghai (2002)
Place of publicationLyon

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