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Original title獅子林砲台平面圖
Document ID613
TransliterationShishirin gohōdai heimenzu
Alternative original titleShizilin paotai pingmian tu
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
Digitized fileYes
Map typeSource maps
Size27 x 41,5 cm
Scale1 : 2300
Map supportPaper original
Source Format & ResolutionJPEG 300dpi, TIFF 600dpi
CommentsMap: 36

Caption on back: 第十六卷附圖第三十六獅子林砲台平面圖 昭和七年二月一日

Sino-Japanese conflict in Shanghai (1932): this collection of Japanese military maps covers the unfolding of the military operations in and around Shanghai between Chinese and Japanese troops in January-March 1932. These maps were drawn after the confict, probably as documents to serve Japanese strategy in the Shanghai area and/or as study documents for the training of officers. These maps show the Japanese army had a very detailed knowledge of the local terrain. Apart from the indications they provide for an understanding of the military conflict itself, they also supply excellent geographical knowledge on the topography and human settlements in the area north of Shanghai.
Keywords1932SB ; war ; Shanghai Batlle ; battle ; conflict ; fighting ; military ; 1932 ; incident ; 中日戰爭 ; 淞滬戰爭 ; 支那事件
Place of publicationTokyo 東京

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367/552 results        
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