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Title西厢记 - Romance of west chamber - Xi xiang ji
Year of release1927
DirectorHou Yao 侯曜;Li Minwei 黎民伟
Script writer(s)Hou Yao 侯曜
CastLin Chuchu 林楚楚
Ge Cijiang  葛次江
Li Dandan 李旦旦

GenreCostume drama
DistributorMin xin dian ying gong si - 民新电影公司 - Minxin Film Company
PlotIn the Tang dynasty, Cui Yingying, daughter of the late Prime Minister, travels with her maid Hongniang to an isolated monastery to conduct mourning rituals for her father.  Meanwhile, Zhang Gong, a young scholar traveling to the capital to take the Imperial exams, is staying at the monastery in order to study in quiet.  One day, while strolling in the garden, the two young people meet, and he immediately falls for Yingying.  She rejects him at first, but with her maid acting as go-between, the two are soon in love.  However, a spy at the monastery informs the local bandit chieftain, Tiger Sun, of Yingying's whereabouts.  The bandit, who has long desired the girl, immediately leads his large gang of brigands in laying siege to the monastery and demanding Yingying be handed over.  Zhang Gong advises the abbot to negotiate and tell Tiger that if he holds off for three days, no one in the monastery will oppose him.
The bandit agrees to these terms, figuring that a few more days will not matter.  The young scholar writes a letter to the general in command of the nearest military camp, asking for his intervention.  The general responds to this plea by immediately ordering his forces on the march, arriving just as the bandits are about to enter the monastery.  An all-out battle ensues outside the gates, with the army victorious.  The lovers are united, but not before the exhausted Zhang Gong has a nightmare in which the bandits return and abduct Yingying and he must face them alone to rescue her.
CommentSilent film with Chinese and French intertitles.
Keywordcostume drama;romance;Shanghai
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