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Title枯木逢春 - Spring comes to the withered tree - Ku mu feng chun
Year of release1961
DirectorZheng Junli 郑君里
Script writer(s)Wang Lian 王炼;Zheng Junli 郑君里
CastYou Jia 尤嘉
Xu Zhihua 许志骅 
Shangguan Yunzhu 上官云珠
Qian Qianli 钱千里
Liu Hongsheng 刘鸿声

DistributorHai yan dian ying zhi pian chang - 海燕电影制片厂 - Haiyan Film Studio
PlotKu Meizi is an orphan who grows up with Fang and her son Dong. During their escape from an epidemic that hits their home village, Ku Meizi becomes separated from her friends. Ten years later she is married but soon loses her husband through illness. Dong is now a tractor driver and he meets Ku Meizi again by accident. He and his mother learn that Ku Meizi also has contracted the deadly disease. Mother fears for their safety and wants to leave the area, but Dong want to stay - he is in love with Ku Meizi and believes that a cure can be found.

Two doctors, Liu Xiang and his sister Liu Hui, arrive from Shanghai to start work on a cure, assisted by the village chief, Luo Xunde. After meeting with Mao Zedong, Luo reports to all villagers that the Chairman encourages everyone to collaborate in the search for a cure. Even Liu Xiang, who initially cared only about his reputation, realized that the cure can only be found through cooperation with other people and a sincere concern for his patients' well-being. The miracle occurs: Ku Meizi is cured. (Encyclopedia of Chinese Film, ed. Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin) 
Keyworddrama;village;socialist construction
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