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Title还乡日记 — Diary About Returning To The Native — Huan xiang ri ji
Year of release1947
DirectorZhang Junxiang 张骏祥
Script writer(s)Zhang Junxiang 张骏祥
CastGeng Zhen 耿震 
Bai Yang 白杨
Yang Hua 阳华 
Lü En 吕恩
DistributorZhong yang dian ying qi ye gu fen you xian gong si yi chang — 中央电影企业股份有限公司一厂 - First studio of central motion picture company
PlotAfter the victory of anti-japanese war, the couple of Lao Zhao and Xiao Yu returned from the rear area (Da hou fang) to Shanghai, looking forwards to beginning their brand new life here. But they encournter many difficulties in finding an ideal residence. The houses are so expensive that only the rich people can afford them by paying gold bars. In their disillusionment, they meet Xiao Tao, the wife of a traitor named Pei whose spouse and property are all taken by Lao Hong, the carpetbagging bureacrat from Chongqing. One day, after a quarrel with Lao Hong, Xiao Tao rents a vacant room to Lao Zhao and Xiao Yu. Their happiness doesn't last too long. Both Lao Hong and Pei returned to fight for the house.
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
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