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Title今天我休息 — It's my day off — Jin tian wo xiu xi
Year of release1959
DirectorLu Ren 鲁韧
Script writer(s)Li Tianji 李天济
Zhong Xinghuo 仲星火 
Ma Ji 马骥 
Li Baoluo 李保罗  
Shangguan Yunzhu 上官云珠 
DistributorShanghai hai yan dian ying zhi pian chang — 上海海燕电影制片厂 — Shanghai Haiyan Film Studio
PlotAn educational comedy that promotes socialist construction, the film shows a series of altruistic actions performed in a single day by the policeman Ma Tianmin. Because Ma is a bachelor, his chief's wife, Yao Meizhen, volunteers to be his matchmaker. She arranges for Ma to go on a date on his day off wiah a postal worker, Liu Ping. On his way to meet Liu, Ma becomes involved in a series of accidents. As a result, Ma misses his first date with LIu... By showing how all members of the new socialist society possess a good heart, the film praises the sense of solidarity inspired by the Communist revolution and combines it with traditional virtues (such as matchmaking) in a spirit of mediation and goodwill. (Enclyclopedia of Chinese Film, ed. Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin, 1998)


CollectionVirtual Shanghai
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