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TitleCensus districts in the French Concession (1935)
AuthorsChristian Henriot - Isabelle Durand (GIS specialist)
Resource ProviderChristian Henriot

This vector map represents the 270 census blocks of the 1935 population survey in the French Concession. The French Municipal Council divided its territory into small block units for the sake of surveying its population in the first ever joint census between the International Settlement and the Chinese Municipality.  Yet each administration carried out its census according to its own forms and different degrees of detail.

Unfortunately, the original census forms are missing, at least to this day. All we have for all three areas are summary tables that can still be projected on the survey maps. In the case of the Chinese Municipality, there is no extant census survey map. The French Municipal Council used the same census blocks for its population surveys until 1942.

The shape files are compiled in the "FC_270blocks.zip" file.

The full metadata, as well as jpeg images of the maps can be found in the Base Maps section of Maps Sources under ID 395.

We also provide here population data in spreadsheet format that match the census blocks in the shape file. The data was computed to examine two topics: the presence of European population, as well as the number of shops in the census blocks in 1937; population density in 1937 and 1939.


KeywordsGIS, China, shapefile, Shanghai_Basics, maps, mapping
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