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TitleMosaic Map of the 1947 Nanshi area in the Shanghai shi hanghao lutu lu 上海市行號路圖錄
AuthorsChristian Henriot - Isabelle Durand (GIS specialist)
Resource ProviderChristian Henriot

This is the raster file of the Nanshi area (former walled city) from the Shanghai shi hanghao lutu lu 上海市行號路圖錄. Vol. 1‑2. Shanghai 上海: Fuli wenhua shiye youxian gongsi 福利文化事業有限公司, 1947.

We extracted the set of maps from the set of individual maps provided for each street block in the International Settlement (110) and the French Concession 110).

We cropped the individual maps, geo-rectified them, removed the colors, and assembled them in a single raster shape file. We chose to save it in ".ecw" format to have a light version of the map for use in GIS software and on the internet. This raster map is included in the Mosaic Map of the 1947 Shanghai shi hanghao lutu lu 上海市行號路圖錄.

The .ecw file will not display automatically on QGIS. You will need to convert it as a geotiif file. If you need help with the procedure, check out this site. The procedure is simple.


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KeywordsGIS, China, shapefile, Shanghai_Basics, maps, mapping, raster, atlas, commercial
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