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51Zikawei road1937

52Chinese army in Zikawei road1937

54BlockhouseAugust 1937

55Blockhouse at corner of rue Montigny and Ave Edward VIIAugust 1937

56Building a defense wall in Zikawei roadAugust 1937

57Refugees flooding into the French Concession1937

58Refugee camp1937

59Great World Amusement Center after bombingAugust 1937

60Review of workers militia in Zhabei in 1927March 1927

61Workers militia at their headquarters in ZhabeiMarch 1927

62Shanghai workers' demonstration19201920-1929

63Outside the Walled City1910before 1912


65Shen Chang Company19201920-1939

66Sincere Department Store19201920-1937

67Sales for the Spring festival19301930-1939

68Volunteers' Corps inspect Chinese entering the settlementAugust 1937

69Woman and child among ruinsAugust 1937

71Quai de France by night19201920-1939

72Avenue Pétain19201920-1929

73Compagnie Française de Tramways & Waterworks19301930-1939

74Normandie Apartments19241924-1939

75Entrance of rue du Consulat19201920-1939

76Great World19311931-1937

77Spanish consulate19201920-1939

78Quai de France and the French Consulate19301930-1936

79Shanghai by night19201920-1939


81Traffic on the Bund19291929-1936

82Traffic on a busy street19301930-1939

83Parked cars along a street19301930-1939

84Avenue Dubail19301930-1939


87Foch police station19301930-1939

88Foch police station19301930-1939

89View of the roofs in the French Concession19301930-1939

90View of traffic (left lane driving)19301930-1939

91Crossroad of Ave Edward VII and rue de Montigny19301930-1939


93Defense blockhouse of the East Police Station (Poste de l'Est)1937



96Advertisement signs19201920-1939

97Street scene19201920-1939

98Chinese blockhouse19371937-1939

99The Kiangse Road Bridge over Soochow Creek 自來水橋19001900-1910

100Entrance of a lilong (lane)19201920-1939

101Chinese shop19001900-1910

103Chinese farmers19001900-1910

104Nanbancheng: road under construction19001900-1940
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