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1540Distribution of Abandoned Corpses and Coffins in the International Settlement (1931-1943)1931-1943Distribution of Abandoned Corpses and Coffins in the International ...

1648The August-September bombings of civilians in Shanghai2012

1650Land values in Shanghai (1933-1934)1933

1653Shanghai Municipal properties (1933-1934)1933

1654Missionary land properties(1933-1934)1933-1934

1655Land properties of the E.D. Sassoon Company (1933-1934)1933-1934

1675Minhang. limite administrative. 2011

1686Minhang ouest. métro et occupation du sol 2011

1689Minhang. occupation du sol 2011

1690Delta du Yangzi. eau et axes routiers2011

1691Delta du Yangzi, eau et axes routiers 2011

1692Shanghai, eau et axes routiers2011

1693Shanghai, eau2011

1694Shanghai, infrastructures de mobilité 2011

1695Shanghai, infrastructures de mobilité et routes secondaires2011

1696Shanghai,emprise urbaine 2011

1697Shanghai, routes principales et emprise urbaine 2011

1698Shanghai, routes et emprise urbaine2011

1699Shanghai, voie ferrée et emprise urbaine2011

1700Shanghai centre,voie ferrée et emprise urbaine2011

1701Shanghai, infrastructures de mobilité 2011

1702Shanghai, route, voie ferrée et centre urbain2011

1703Shanghai, route, aéroport et centre urbain2011

1704Shanghai, végétation2012

1705Minhang, métro et route 2011

1706Minhang, activité, métro et route 2011

1707Minhang, habitat, métro et route 2011

1708Minhang, espace vert 2011

1709Minhang ouest, métro et route2011

1710Minhang ouest, habitat nouveau et ancien, métro, route2011

1711Minhang ouest, activité 2011

1712Shanghai centre, zones d'activités d'industries créatives1982

1713Shanghai centre, zones d'activités et pôles d'industries créatives2009

1714Shanghai centre, sites d'industries créatives2009

1715Shanghai centre, surfaces d'industries créatives2009

1716Shanghai centre, sites d'industries créatives2011

1734Land use in the urban area (1973)2012

1735Land use in the urban area (2012)2012

1736Land use in the urban area (1982)2012

1737Land use in the urban area (1997)2012

1738Land use in the urban area (2003)2012

1739The distribution of towns and villages around Shanghai in 1932

1740Urban extension and the disappearance of villages around Shanghai (1932-2012)2012

1741The distribution of hutments and industrial workforce in the late 1940s2012

1742The distribution of hutments and factories in the late 1940s2012

1743The distribution of factories and workshops in 19472012

1744The distribution of factories and workshops in 1947 (250-meter grid)2012

1745The density of industrial concerns in the urban area (1947)2012

1746The distribution of hutments and industrial workforce in the late 1940s2012

1747Capital value of industrial concerns in 19472012
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