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Original titleDistribution of factories in the International Settlement in 1940 and bombed areas in 1937
Document ID865
TransliterationDistribution of industry in the International Settlement in 1940 and bombed areas in 1937
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
Digitized fileYes
Map typeeAtlas
Author(s)Christian Henriot
Cartographer(s)Isabelle Durand
Map supportDigital
Source Format & ResolutionPNG 300dpi
CommentsThis map shows the distribution of industrial factories in the International Settlement in 1936. This map is based on the July 1940 survey by the Shanghai Municipal Police, 32 months after the end of military conflict in the Shanghai area. This is the last identified survey as the 1941 survey is currently missing. This provides a view of where the factories were located in relation with the areas that were destroyed by bombings and fires during the Sino-Japanese hostilities of August-November 1937. This map belongs to a series that documents the changing geography of industry in Shanghai between 1936 and 1940. It is also related to a more general study of industries in the International Settlement from 1930 onward.

This map was produced as part of the "Cities in turmoil" project generously supported by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (2010-2012).

Keywordsindustry ; economy ; war ; factory ; workshop ; 1937 ; conflict ; hostilities ; Japan ; military ; turmoil
Place of publicationLyon

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65/190 results        
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